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Natural, vegan and peat-free - Do you care about the environment? Our earth consists of 100% natural raw materials. For 4 to 6 weeks, the vegan organic fertilizer provides your plants with all the important nutrients - that means healthy growth, beautiful flowers and a rich harvest, all without animal ingredients. Safe for children, pets and animals in the garden.

Why Vegan?

Horn shavings, horn meal, horn meal or bone meal are often used to get nitrogen and phosphorus into the earth. This is taken from animal slaughterhouse waste. Our earth contains alternatively finely sieved Green waste compost and is therefore free from animal products.

Why peat free?

Normal potting soil consists in most cases of 80 to 90% dried peat soil, also called peat. The properties of peat improve the soil's water absorption capacity. Still, peat has disadvantages. The soil from which the peat is extracted contains enormous amounts of carbon, which is released in the form of CO2. This does not benefit the climate on our planet!

Compostable Bag - Biodegradable and Sustainable

Our bags are made of biodegradable film made from natural starch. The compostable fiber meets the requirements of the “OK Compost” certificate. A one hundred percent biodegradable solution for our planet.

Tip: We therefore recommend simply burying the bag in the ground when planting the vessels. This then composts after a few weeks!

Suitable for indoor, outdoor and all plants.

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